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Moirang Municipal Council

Moirang Municipal Council, with population of about 20 thousand is a municipal council in Bishnupur District of Manipur. Moirang is situated 45 km from Imphal. It is located at 24.50 N 93.770 E and has an average elevation of 766 metres. The Moirang C.D. Block comes into existence on 4 April 1985 with its headquarters at Moirang khunou. Moirang Khunou is situated about 1.5 km from the kumbi main road.

Total geographical area of Moirang municipal council is 7 km2. Population density of the city is 3014 persons per km2. There are 12 wards in the city, among them Moirang Ward No 03 is the most populous ward with population of 2115 and Moirang Ward No 07 is the least populous ward with population of 1121.


Historically, the town of Moirang is famous for the ancient temple of the pre-Hindu deity, Lord Thangjing and the minor love story of "Khamba Thoibi". In a village name Ngangkhaleikai, the old cloth used by Khamba and Nongban are still preserved. The epic story of "Khamba-Thoibi" begins between a beautiful princess name Thoibi daughter of King Chinkhuba and an orphan boy name Khamba. Khamba is a bit younnger to Thoibi ( As the story narrate Khamnu the elder's sister of Khmaba was happened to be Thoibi's close mate ). Khamba was raised up by her own sister when both their parent passed away at their very young age. Khamnu used to go around the village for pounding grain and lend a hand to others household works at her young age . In return she fed her brother from the less amount of grain that others paid in gratitude of helping to their household works.

Cencus Record

Town Population Hindu Muslim Christian Sikh Buddhist Jain Others Not Stated
Moirang 19,893 95.22% 0.16% 1.47% 0.06% 0.01% 0.01% 2.97% 0.11%